Tournament Photo Consent

Consent Form for photography/audio/video

I agree for my name and photograph, video footage, or audio to be taken by the Johnstown FC for use in marketing, PR and publications in connection with the Tournament in the MDL on the 25th February 20223 set out below:                                    

Here are some places the Johnstown FC might use it:

Social and Digital Media   Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and any other Johnstown FC accounts

Media                                   National, regional and local media (broadcast, online and print).  Publications                                         Annual reports, employee magazines or policy documents

Your participation is entirely voluntary and there is no obligation on you to give your consent to have your voice or image captured.  No fees will be paid to people taking part.

Please indicate your consent (or your consent on behalf of your child if applicable) for this photography/audio/video footage and that you fully understand the proposed use of the photography, audio or video by signing below