12 Girls 2017

Match Report U13 Girls Johnstown FC V Torro United FC

Saturday’s match was the 3rd official league match. This match was a great team performance. Johnstown had a 2-0 lead going into the 2nd half

For the match, Johnstown lost the toss and was forced to play up the hill for the first half. Two minutes in, Ava scored a great shot from deep on the right side of the pitch.  Only a minute later Ava was unlucky to see another shot go just wide. Siobhán battled on the right side early on and won a few throws in quick succession, gaining valuable ground.  About six minutes in Caoimhe had the first of what would be many throw-ins today. A huge throw from near halfway started another Johnstown attack, finding Aoibha who in turn made a clever pass to Ava whose shot went just wide.

Torro responded but was repelled just inside the Johnstown half by clearances from Darinn and from Abbie who tracked back well to provide the required cover. Hanna had several dribbling runs and was rewarded with a goal to make it 2-0 at around the 20 minute mark. Soon after this Kelli came on for Jessie. Caoimhe’s throws from deep in the opposition half added another dimension to the Johnstown attack and were landing deep inside the box. At around 25 minutes a loose ball in the middle looked like it needed commitment and power but was instead skilfully pulled back and redirected by Aoibha to a team-mate. Kelli had some good play in the closing minutes of the half, at one point managing to trap the ball shield well from Torro players and then make a good pass. The last attack of the half was a Torro corner. Kelli picked up the loose Torro striker at the top of the box and was first to the crossed ball, seeing off the danger.

Early in second half Méabh was called on to save a shot from the right side of the box. About 3 minutes into the half Torro had a great shot from far out using the full height of the goals to make the score 2-1.  Chloe came on and showed some good footwork on the ball. The teams battled hard throughout the second half. Torro equalised at 23 minutes and Johnstown looked like they could see this one slipping away but they regrouped striving for a higher level and found it. Torro were put under intense pressure and at about 25 minutes Ava’s remarkable long distance goal made the day. Final score Johnstown 3-2 Torro. This is the third league victory in a row well done girls!

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