About Us

Johnstown Football Club was founded in 2004 as a Senior Club; its formation was initially inspired by individuals who wanted to play soccer together as a team. In 2005, the Club saw the need to provide an outlet for young people in the area and with this in mind, the under-age teams were developed.

Johnstown Football Club provides an opportunity for both young people and the not-so-young to play sports. While winning matches is important, the club recognises the importance of giving the opportunity to play in a safe environment where player development and improvement are paramount.

The Club currently has a wide range of Juvenile Teams from Under 7 to Under 18’s and has 2 Senior Teams. It also operates a Club Academy for 5-7 years olds.

Currently playing from the MDL Grounds on the outskirts of Navan Town, it is the objective of Johnstown Football Club to move to the Johnstown Area of Navan, where a Club House and Grounds can be developed. The Club is committed to the development of Club facilities to cater for the huge expansion on membership of all ages in the club over the last number of years.

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