Jack and Cormacs presentation

When Hector Came to Town

The general population of Johnstown was very excited when Hector came to the shopping centre to present his show Breakfast with Hector on 2FM and from about 630 am the car park started to build up with cars and crowds.

Of course with Hector in the car park our challenge was how do we get the big man our Jersey, well you cant visit Johnstown and leave with out a Johnstown FC  Jersey.  After many phone calls texts and even tweets we relized that we have a man on the insides.  Yes indeed Britans Got Talent stars and You Tube sensations Jack and Cormac were going to perform and of course Jack plays for us.

Jack being a proud Club player was only too happy to oblige and after himself and Cormac performed Jack proudly presented hector with his very own Johnstown FC  jersey.  A massive massive thank you to Jack and Cormac for doing this for us we were delighted with the Photos

And here is a clip of the boys performing


Jack and Cormacs presentation
Jack and Cormacs presentation

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