Under 18s

Under 18s Vs Seniors

Last Sunday the both teams where at a loose end with no fixtures for either of them.  So we though why not have a friendly.  Not only had we JFC Vs JFC but managers on each team are brothers so truly the rivalry was here with Shane out to prove to his Big Brother Ian he had the better team.

The game was at a steady pace with the seniors starting of the goals when Ciaran Croke scored a screamer of a goal to set the Seniors one up.  But the Under 18s where not going to let the old men of the club show them up and quickly scored one against them.  From here on in both sides defended fiercely and not another goal was had by either side.


With the full time whistle blown at 1-1 as it was an inter cub friendly  the decision was to go to penalties both sides took to this with gusto and the Final score was 4-3 to the Under 18s


Here is a few pictures from the game to give you a taste of the action




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