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As many of you are aware, we still do not have our own land and club house.  This is something we desperately need.  We are currently paying for use of the astro turf, in the MDL for training and for home games.   We also have to pay for pitch hire for every game we play.  If we had our own lands and club house, all our subs would go to directly to support the club.  We really appreciate how welcome we are made to feel in the MDL, however a football club needs its own home at the centre of the community.

This is something we have been pushing for regularly.   We have been chasing a plot of land that is close to all of us in Johnstown. Adrian has practically become a permanent fixture in Town Hall.  He regularly goes to hearings regarding getting some land.  Thankfully we have our friends on the council who have been helping us.  We are very grateful for all help received to place our club at the centre of our Community.

Last week things have become even more interesting when we got a call from local Councillor and Johnstown supporter Tommy Reilly to meet at the plot of land.  As always Adrian dropped tools and headed off to yet again plead our corner to all.  The story of our club was then picked up by the Meath Chronicle who interviewed both Adrian and Tommy about plans for the land and our urgent need for a home.  The article has appeared in this weeks chronicle and we are hoping by the first Quarter of 2014, to have a decision on the land and its usage.

We would ask that every time you see one of our local councillors you mention to them our urgent need for grounds and how important it is for young children to have a sport to be involved in that teaches them community values. This will help to push our cause to the forefront.   The benefits of such a decision need to be highlighted, such as the benefits of physical exercise to children in to-day’s society where sedentary life styles are causing children to become over-weight and obese.  The security that the parents feel that children can exercise in a safe environment, and the social skills and team spirit encouraged in our children.


Meath Chronicle Land
Meath Chronicle Land



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  1. Get in there adrian. We were only saying yesterday, how much you do for the club and how much an asset you are to the club. Keep up the great work

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